Monday, April 4, 2011


there is something about music that speaks to me.  i can't really sing, but i love to attempt.  i don't know if it's growing up around music and playing violin since i was little, or what it is, but music seems to say things i can't convey otherwise.

i feel closest to God when i'm worshipping.

one of my favorite quotes speaks to this : Without worship, we go about miserable- A.W. Tozer

it's so true.  i can tell when i just need to get in my car and not turn on the radio, but put on my ipod and listen to my worship playlist.  sometimes i just need to praise God and not focus on my own life so much.

a few years ago, i got the opportunity to start playing violin with the band at 608 (  at first, i won't lie, i was terrified.  standing up on stage playing before almost 2000 people can do that to you.  i love though that over the years, i don't focus on the crowds.  i don't focus on the people.  i focus on getting to play for my King... maybe it's because i've matured and grown in my faith, maybe it's because i'm not as concerned about what people think as i once was, maybe it's because i've become accustomed to playing on stage.  whatever it is, last night was a unique experience.  for the first time, i didn't notice the cameras, i wasn't concerned about my ears and hearing the music, i just worshipped.

this is my new favorite worship song and one of the ones we played last night... grace like an avalanche.  it's beautiful.  it's so true.  nothing compares to this love.

another is desert song.  it's by the same group, hillsong.  i love that it covers every season of life... a season of need, a season of growth, a season of hope... praising God in it all, simply because he IS God and for no other reason

finally, revelation song... i've gotten to hear it a few times in the past few weeks at church and i could sing it every week.  it's beautiful.  God is beautiful.

i'm so thankful for the ability to play violin.  it's not something i always enjoyed growing up, but it is  certainly something that's become so special to me... i love being able to worship God with my voice and with my playing.  it's one of my favorite ways to spend time with him...

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