Monday, April 11, 2011

{rain and shine}

i love kentucky.

we have some of the most beautiful country EVER.  but, that beautiful bluegrass doesn't just appear.  something has to come to cause it... that would be rain
i actually really like rain, especially at night.  thunderstorms have never scared me, but comforted me.  i like the rumble, the beauty of the lightning, the way the rain smells and how it hits the roof and windows.  i do wish i had a better pair of rain boots BUT, that's life :)

i love the sun even more.  friday, i spent the day at keeneland with the lovely lauren preece.  it was such a nice day (and college day so we got free t shirts and food!) with some much needed sun!  saturday and sunday i spent a lot of time out walking around with the boy.  the weather was just PERFECT.  not too hot, not too breezy... just wonderful!  add to sunday, we went to our friends, the harrison's house for lunch!  ashley made homemade pizza, all the way down to the dough.... you should check out her blog here for the recipe, among other things :)  it was so good, and something ian and i are going to try on our own!
the clouds were perfect

my attempt to get artsy!
i'm glad it's turning to summer... i love all the seasons- it's one of the reasons i love kentucky- i get all 4 seasons, BUT i love being outside.  i was that kid who was outside all summer with no shoes on and dirty all the time.  i haven't changed much.

havin some fun in the arboretum

p.s. sorry the blog has been uber lame lately.... funny how grad school and life happen, and blogging just takes a back seat.  it happens.  it will probably continue to happen :)

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