Friday, April 15, 2011


so this post comes a day late, but my thursdays are simply too busy to post...

happy (belated) birthday to my wonderful mama!
i can't wait to go home in 2 weeks and see her and the rest of my family... i miss them!
i hope you had a wonderful day!  daddy got you beautiful flowers!  can't wait to see you, ma!

yesterday was such a beautiful day out!  the weather was just about perfect, class wasn't terrible, i got to hang out with a little baby for a few hours... i got to help out with a fluency therapy, which i love, AND ian's staying at uk next year :)  he was picking between texas a & m and uk for grad school... i'm glad he won't be hours and hours away next year!  now, will we ever see each other?  probably not... i'll be doing externship, he'll be busy with class and t.a. stuff, BUT he'll be in kentucky :)

tonight is trivia night at applebee's with sam and preece, so it should be fun!  i'm looking forward to a weekend of sleeping in, finishing up projects, and relaxing :)

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