Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{humble pie}

i've had several posts in the past regarding my lawn mower and learning how to fix said mower.  well, my daddy gave me one of their old lawn mowers (that's not really old), and i was in heaven.  the thing pushes like a dream, it's quiet, it's wider than the old one and i don't have to fix it every time i want to mow!  all that until today.  i went out to start it and the pull cord that you use to start the mower wouldn't budge. maybe 4-6 inches, but in lawn mower speak, that's about nothing.

not a happy camper.  i googled it and even took off the top of the mower to determine if the cord was twisted around something.  nothing looked abnormal (since clearly i know so much), so i called the closest lawn mower fix-it shop.  the nice man on the phone must have heard the frustration in my voice b/c he said he'd take a look for free.

i got to the shop and this grandfatherly man took the mower out of my car (he said he was raised where women shouldn't have to lift heavy things... i didn't complain), then proceeded to inform me it was the clumps of grass under my mower preventing me from starting it.  awesome.  my roommate and i lifted this heavy thing in my trunk, i drove it over here fuming all for this?  to realize i need to pull grass out from underneath my mower?

heaping piece of humble pie for the day...

did anyone else realize this can occur and cause the mower not to start?

you learn something new every day, right?

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