Thursday, May 31, 2012

{navigating through change}

i'm currently in what i've been calling my 'first retirement'.

although i consider myself 'graduated', i have a single, 3 hour, elective summer class.  this means that i can't technically work until june 22nd.  this also means that i have been applying for real jobs, and at the same time, trying to apply for temporary jobs for the summer.  currently, there's been nothing except 'we'll give you a call back in a few days!' (which have yet to be returned...)

therefore, i'm 'retired'.  while this sounded fabulous in the beginning, i'm getting stir-crazy.  thankfully, i've inherited a desire to not sit from both of my parents.  i've been running, i've started going through my accumulation at my house, i've been looking for a new place to live (anyone with a suggestion of a nice/cheaper 1-2 bedroom place would be great).

basically i'm trying to use this time as a replenishing time.  grad school was hard.  it was busy.  it was stressful.  i also know the real world, no matter how much i hope to love my job, will also be hard and stressful and busy.  i want to use this time to relax, to replenish what was used, and to grow.

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