Saturday, March 3, 2012

{grad school}

i know grad school isn't supposed to be easy.  it's like the end of a marathon.  and really, quite literally.
i told one of my preschoolers the other day i have been in school for 20 years.  he thought it wasn't a real number of years a person can be in school.  i wish he was right!

it's so close... what separates me from grad school are a few projects, a few really big tests, and walking across that beautiful, beautiful stage for the last time.

part of me is nostalgic.  i have met and made friends with some of the most amazing people.  i have learned a ton, and i'm using it.  it's one of the best feelings to be able to do something and defend why you're doing it, and then seeing it help someone.

and honestly, i love my placement right now.  i never thought i'd like the schools.  it seemed more boring to me from the outside, opposed to the hospital, but i love kids.  i love getting to know them and learning about their passions and seeing their enthusiasm for life.  kids just want to have fun, and i want to have fun with them!  i made bouncy balls on thursday.  that was therapy.  how fun is that!?  i'm also with a supervisor who believes in me and encourages me and tells me she'll come beat me if i don't work with kids.  it's nice to feel like someone notices when you're doing a good job, and encourages your passions.  i also like the people i work with.  they don't treat me like a student teacher, they treat me like a professional who can make good decisions regarding the treatment of children on our caseloads.  i feel like a working adult, and it's nice.

still, i'm ready to graduate.  i'm ready to have 2 competency exams and a praxis exam out of the way.  i'm ready to celebrate with my classmates years and years and years of school over.  i'm ready for a job that pays money (man i love working 40 hours a week for free!).  i'm ready to not have homework and projects to come home to.

i know i will miss school to some degree.  i will miss my classmates and professors.  i will miss the semi-non adultness that comes with being in school, but i'm ready for my next adventure.  i'm ready.

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