Thursday, March 29, 2012

{end of practicum and comps}

i feel so blessed to have ended my schooling career the way i did.

last semester was rough.  i didn't feel happy, i felt stressed, i didn't feel like i was doing anything substantial as a speech therapist.

this semester was the polar opposite.  i have loved working in the schools.  my supervisor was amazing, and really made me feel like i was doing things right.  she trusted me with the kids and let me learn and be independent, while giving me helpful hints and information along the way.  i loved the kids i was working with this semester.  they were some of the funniest, sweet, caring kids i have ever gotten to work with.  so many told me i had to come back and visit and that they'd miss me and that they didn't want me to leave.  it was so nice to just watch kids learn and improve and open up to me.

the teachers were also fabulous.  from day 1, everyone was so helpful and didn't treat me like a student teacher, but i felt like a coworker.  i never felt belittled or like i couldn't be trusted, but the opposite.

today was a good way to end my time there and feel prepared to take my comps tomorrow.  so many people encouraged me and offered help if i ever needed it in the future.  it was a good send off.

i'm taking comps feeling nervous, but confident.  i feel like i am ready to do this job.  i feel like i'm ready to become a speech therapist.  3 tests separate me from that.  3 tests.

prayers tomorrow and saturday morning would be much appreciated :)

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