Thursday, February 16, 2012

{valentine's day}

here's the thing about valentine's day... even if i'm dating someone, it's not my favorite holiday.  i like the idea behind valentine's day- expressing love and appreciation for the people in your life, but i kind of feel like people blow it out of proportion.
valentine's day this year was nice... i worked and got to play valentine's day games with the kids and sugar them up and send them on their way, but also got some valentine's from some of my kids!  they're so sweet...
after work, i baked ian a pie.  i got a new pie plate and wanted to try it out, and valentine's day seemed like a perfect excuse!  the boy likes blackberries, so that's what he got!
we had a gift card (thanks mom and dad!) for applebees, so we went and had a nice dinner.  it's amazing how much of a routine you can get in when both people are in grad school, so it was nice to get sort of dressed up, and just get to eat and talk.
we finished up the night really exciting... brace yourself... ian helped me finish my resume.

yep.  we're that crazy!  the thing is, it was actually kind of fun and my resume looks nice!

i hope your day was full of appreciation for all the people that matter in your life.

and then i hope you celebrated mine and katie's favorite holiday: the day after valentine's day (50% off candy anyone!?!?!?)

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  1. Haha, our Valentine's Day wasn't even THAT exciting. We ate dinner at home, and exchanged cheap gifts (cheap candy and cards)... Sometimes I wish we would go all out because we don't have many excuses to go crazy for holidays, being as poor as we are.

    That blackberry pie looks amazing. I bet Ian loved it!


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