Monday, March 5, 2012

{beauty in simplicity}

i'm drawn to things that are beautiful, but not in a done up, effortful way.  sure, i think a million dollar house is beautiful and the rockefeller tree all done up every year is beautiful, but they are forced beautiful. it's not natural.  it's not organic.

at midnight last night, i was letting stress and my emotions run my thoughts, not joy and peace.  then i got a text telling me to look outside, that i would see one of my favorite things.

it was snowing.  big, heavy, snowflakes.  and absolutely no wind.  just the heavy flakes gently falling to the ground.  i woke up this morning to a thick blanket of snow just covering everything perfectly.  have you ever listened when it's snowing?  if it's quiet, you can hear the snow falling...

i like those moments when God reminds me: stop.  slow down.  remember who I am and who I made you to be.  remember that in this moment, everything has stopped but the gentle falling of the snow and I see you.

1 comment:

  1. That is such a great way of putting it. I love the snow too, and we haven't had much of it here this year. :( Thanks for posting this.


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