Friday, February 10, 2012


if you know me, you know that usually, i'm not afraid of conflict.

at one point, one of my teachers told me if i decided i didn't want to be a speech therapist anymore, i had a future as a lawyer.  i took that as a compliment.

i'm not afraid to ask for a point back on an exam for something i thought i argued well, i'm not afraid to tell a parent or a patient what i think about their current issue, and i'm pretty vocal about my opinions.  i think talking things out and expressing ideas is helpful, necessary, and honestly, sometimes fun.

there are a few things i hate confrontation about.  without getting into it too much, monday i have to have confrontation for one of those things and i'm already dreading it.  i need to ask someone to fix something that wasn't done right the first time, even though they think it was.  it's not in an area i know a lot about, but i'm still pretty sure i'm right.

this isn't fun for me.  i really wish i was arguing back for points, but sadly, no points have been awarded :(

say a prayer for some confidence for me if you don't mind!

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