Sunday, December 4, 2011

{wilmore christmas}

have you ever seen a hallmark christmas movie?  how about a lifetime one?  oh... you're not roommates with erica dupps? (love you :) )  well if you've ever wondered what one is like, it's wilmore christmas.

every year, wilmore has an old fashioned christmas.  this is complete with a tree lighting, santa in an old fashioned fire truck, cookies/hot cocoa/coffee/other christmas samplings, live music, and the finale is christmas carols at the church.  it's precious.

a few non-traditional favorites: ham sandwiches at the local grocery store (with people setting up lawn chairs for the live music... when was the last time you set up chairs in the grocery store?  i didn't think so...), being served cotton candy from a man in a kilt, santa skateboarding on a longboard, and hologram glasses that turn lights into fun festive holiday themes (like angels, snowmen and stars!).

it was a fun time with great friends and a holiday tradition i look forward to every year :)

the boys showing off their sweet glasses 
it's a star!

now a snowman

merry christmas!

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