Sunday, December 11, 2011

{not original title}

i can't think of anything creative to call this...

friday i got to see one of my best friends and her husband :)  whit and ben live in maysville, so getting to see them is always a treat!  they came down and we all went to cosi for dinner and smores.  it was a fun time to catch up and enjoy the lovely friends God has blessed me with!

new discovery: brad and i both like burning things... this may not be good

saturday ian had to study, so i got crafty.  i've had a mirror since sophomore year, and it was plain and boring, so it got an upgrade!
added a little paint

then lots of flowers

finished product!
on a sadder note, my dog, cali (more commonly referred to as chewy) was hit and killed by a car today :(  she was rotten as all get out and found herself in 5 different houses before my parents adopted her.  she had an affinity to chewing things (hence the name) and was known to do everything from getting on the stove to nibble on mom's recently baked pies, to stealing couch cushions off the couch so she technically wasn't on the furniture, to tearing up toys to the point it looked like it snowed.  like i said, rotten, but animals have a way of bringing humor to life... not easy stuff...

moose and chewy

a christmas pup

last christmas.  they were thrilled with us

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