Thursday, December 8, 2011


i love my church... i like that even though it's massive, it uses it's size to do huge things.

our current series is called 316, focusing on john 3:16.  the verse is all about how God loves us and what that should mean for our lives.  along with that, they're partnering with a group called lifeline ministries that focuses on feeding and bringing the word of Christ to poor and impoverished people groups throughout the world.

southland's goal was to feed 1,000,000 people.  1 person packs an average of 300 meals during the 2 hour time slot, and each meal feeds 6 people (3,1,6... coincidence?).  it's really cool because the meal of dehydrated vegetables, soy protein, chicken flavor w/vitamins and rice costs $.60 per bag...

last night, katie and i went with our girls from life group (plus our boys... and a few 1,000 other college students), and went to pack.

it was awesome and fun and such a rewarding experience to know that what we did last night is going to give meals to thousands of people.

our group total?  136,000 meals!

newlyweds, ready to pack some meals

we rocked the hairnets...

brad and ian had jobs that suited their personalities :)

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  1. your meal packing post popped up on my fb newsfeed! i was there too! it was a really fun night to all be serving together & what an honor that the Lord would even let us be a part of it! i hope tons and tons of families feel well loved & hear the gospel because of that food!


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