Friday, December 9, 2011

{funny observations}

there are 2 things i find distinctly "college student"

one is ramen, two is coffee.

you know it's true.  college students can make a meal out of ramen and coffee and they're 2 staples you'll find in 90% of college student's rooms.

the funny thing i've noticed is that everyone takes those 2 things very differently.

we'll start with ramen.  some people make it on the stove, others make it in the microwave.  everyone has certain flavors they always get (mine happens to be chicken).  some people go with lots of broth, i like to dump most of mine out, some only like the noodles.  then there's the flavoring.  some go full-on flavor, others do half, and some people just like the noodles.  then there's the vessel of cooking.  if you make it on the stove, you're about limited to a pot, but i have a specific bowl that's perfect for ramen, my roommate uses one of those huge glass measuring cups.  

oh ramen.  

then coffee... i pity the baristas who work at the starbucks on campus.  very rarely do they dole out decaf (it is finals week after all...) but there's the milk choice (whole, skim, soy), skinny with lots of whipped cream (i'll never understand...) flavor choices out the wazoo, black, sugar/splenda/sweetener/truvia, extra hot, tall/grande/venti (you're crazy)... goodness!

oh to be a college student... 

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