Sunday, June 5, 2011

{prepare yourself for impressivement}

get ready.... this weekend, ian and i made homemade donuts!!!!

i failed to read the instructions fully (as i tend to do often...) and only after we finished the dough did we realize it needed to chill overnight, but that just prolonged the excitement!

i found the recipe at a blog called the pioneer woman, and it's a really neat blog if you've never been there. she doesn't use crazy ingredients, and we had most of it already!
milk, sugar, yeast, butter, flour, salt and oil.  lots of work (since i don't have one of the coveted kitchenaid mixers... if you have one with the dough attachment, this whole process would have been so much easier!), but it was so fun!  she has much better pictures of the process, so if you're interested, you can find the recipe here.

we also lack a thermometer that can tell the temperature of the oil, but with some testing, we found it.  observe the pictures of the fruits (or fried goodness if you will...) of our efforts!

roll that dough out, boy!

our ghetto cookie cutters... a canning lid and an icing tip

after they rose


us with our pile of goodness

these were soooo good... i hope someone else tries them!  they were fun to make and delicious :)

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  1. I MUST make these now. I LOVE DONUTS!! They look soooo good and fluffy!!

    P.S. You don't know how much I lOVED getting to hangout with you and talk on Friday, like seriously, can we do it more often?!


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