Friday, June 24, 2011

{grad school}

let me preface this post with I LOVE SCHOOL.  i really do... i love the people i have class with, i love learning new things, i love my teachers... still, this whole 'grad school' thing is not for the faint of heart.

this may sound a bit over dramatic if you are just exceptionally brilliant, or you've never been to grad school.  i've been over there in that mindset (the never been to grad school one...)

that is, until now.

i always thought, 'hey, undergrad isn't too bad!  grad school is just like undergrad minus the unknown! (ie once you get into grad school, no more applying for things until it's a real big-girl job).


i feel like life has been put on hold the past few weeks because of school.

here's my typical day:
5:45 the blasted alarm goes off on my phone.  6:50.  it goes off again.  7:00.  it goes off for a third time and i convince myself this is real and not a dream and i really have to get out of bed.  i put on professional clothes, gather my various books, make some coffee and head off to meijer in hamburg.  there i meet 3 lovely ladies and we car pool (how environmentally friendly of us!) off to the land of the colonels.

it's speech camp time.

yes, we call it camp.  it's our attempt to make those 8 year olds really love their life.  it's actually just group therapy, but i get 3 and 4 year olds, so they really do love us.  still, it's at 8:30 am.  (on a side bar, one of them told his mom speech camp is the greatest part of his life.  how adorable is that?  he makes waking up at 5:45 a little more bearable.)

camp runs til 11:45, so we have approximately an hour of free time (which has become the official hour of eating our feelings) before we have class.  classes run from 1-3:30, and then 3:35-5:55 on mondays and wednesdays, and thankfully, just til 3:30 on tuesdays and thursdays.  this means mondays and wednesdays, we kind of die a little bit inside.  like for real.  it makes for super long days (that's 13 hours of school if you count my commute!)

add to that that last week we had a test monday, a test tuesday, we have another test this monday and wednesday, and we have paperwork for clinic.  HOT DANG ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME GRAD SCHOOL!?

this is the reason i have no time for blogging.  or breathing.  or eating.  or sleeping.  or many other things that i once thought were required to sustain life.

oh well... one more week of speech camp!  then i will once again know what it feels like to be a normally functioning human being (well slightly....)

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  1. feel your pain--been there, done that! hang in there, you are half way done!! love.


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