Thursday, June 2, 2011

{much to do!}

phew... whoever said breaks are relaxing has never met me...

so the blog's taken a back seat for the past few weeks.  oops!

life has happened.  surprise surprise!  i've been working, hanging out with my favorite kiddos, trying to get life ready for school, getting things together for relay for life, fixing my car, attempting (with poor results) to clean, and all the while trying to remember that it's the last few days of my break before grad school starts up again!

i'll try to think of some highlights...

for anyone who wears toms, you may have the same problem i do.  i love toms, dearly, but i've found they make my feet smell terrible.  like i won't take my shoes off terrible.  if yours do the same thing, i have a suggestion.... they make socks that are lower than no-show!  they're at journey's at the mall, and so far, they've made a huge difference in the scent of my feet.  strange, yes, but i would have liked to have discovered this long ago, so there ya go fellow toms wearers!

my car is determined to make me the greatest car owner/handiest person ever.  i am currently in the process of getting rid of the duct tape holding the siding together.  it should be a simple fix, brownie is trying her best to frustrate me.  mark my words, car, i'll get the siding to stick to you!  wish me luck :)

in addition to my car breaking, my fm transmitter also broke, and if you've ever driven to eku more than 1x per week, you know you need good music... luckily, the people at griffin are amazing and are sending me a brand new one!  heck yes for being a girl and getting what i want sometimes!

i finished the 6th harry potter... one more to reread! (nerd alert, i know)

1 week to relay for life!!!!  phew!  this time next week i will be setting our campsite up!  if you want to come visit, you totally should.  there's tons of events open to the public, and it's going to be a great time.  for real- it's free, so why not!?  also you should consider donating... here's a link to my page.  for real, if 10 people donated just $5 that's $100 for cancer research.  $100 can help with lodging for families, transportation to and from appointments, support groups, better equipment, funding for research, free screenings, and so much more.  the relay goes all night too, so you late night college students have no excuse not to come :)  (here's my site!)

finally, school starts again monday and guess who's not ready.  oh yeah, that would be me.  i'm sort of in denial that i have school in the summer and have been determined not to think about it!  that all has to change monday, BUT it's not monday, so i'm not thinking about it.

tomorrow marks my final day working at the y!!!! it also marks the day that my kids i got 3 years ago head off to high school.  i for real might cry.  it's been a fun 3 years with those kids, and if it weren't for the amazing kids and parents i have, i probably wouldn't have kept this job for so long.

pictures are more fun than words sometimes... enjoy!

making faces with my munchkin

kentucky horse park!

basil and cilantro beginning to sprout

a little picnic in the arboretum

a baking day at sugar creek!  raspberry pie made by ian and myself, and the lovely erica dupps' very beautiful chocolate cake :)  hello sugar coma
hope you enjoyed my fabulous post about not too much!  let's see if i can be more regular about posting...

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