Saturday, January 26, 2013

{if i'm going to be sick...}

so i don't post on here too often anymore.  1. because, shocker, i don't have time... 2 jobs and planning a wedding, plus wanting to spend time with people i like = less time for things like this.
2. sometimes, life as a speech path really isn't all that interesting.

well. working in the schools, i am exposed to many, many little germs from my lovely little friends (see last post...). i caught it.  and actually, i think i caught a few, because it seems like every day, my symptoms change a little bit.
but that isn't what this post is about.  although i am a huge baby when it comes to being sick, i have decided, good must come.  and today it may come in a little joy in your life for reading this (i hope).

i have learned something i would like to share.
niquil is great.  lord of the rings is great (to a lot of people... to me it's ok, but we can chat about that later)
watching lotr then taking niquil?
i mean crazy dreams last night.  dreams i was a hobbit being chased, then dreams i was the nasty, disgusting orc's that are chasing the hobbits, then i was gandolf, then i was the little elf dude... i mean, they didn't stop.  and let me tell you, being in the mind of an orc is a scary enough dream.
to conclude, i had wedding nightmares (don't know how those got their way in there), where i remembered i didn't shave my legs at the last minute before walking down the aisle, attempted to shave really quickly, cut myself, and bled onto my dress, down the aisle, and it was a disaster.

this might be the end of my relationship with niquil when i'm sick.

hope this offered a small piece of joy on my behalf.  (or at least a lesson in what to watch or not watch prior to taking niquil)... like i said... SOMETHING good has to come from being sick

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