Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{my little friends}

without going into detail, somedays of my job are just hard.  i love my little friends.  even the ones who try my patience and test my nerves, i love them dearly.  it breaks my heart when i hear about my little ones who are not being given the life that they so deserve- a carefree life full of joy and happiness.

sometimes, it is easy to get down...

but i want to thank my friends with kids.
thank you for loving your kids.  for many of your facebook posts and blogs where you talk about the joy your kids bring you, the activities you do with your kids, and reading in your voices, your words, and your pictures how much your kids are loved.
i can assure you that even if you think you screw up little things about parenthood, if your kids know you love them and they are safe, that is what they really need.

you all give me hope that the future is not dark....

thanks for loving your kids :)

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