Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{a day in the life of preschool}

i feel like the past few days, my life has epitomized preschool.

yesterday, my favorite ot and i worked with a little friend with messy play and ended up covered in glue and shaving cream.  we found it in the weirdest places- on our shoes, our elbows (even though we had long sleeved shirts on), my back... also add that i smelled like a man (a clean man, but still a man).

today, in the morning, i saw a little friend who happened to be a bit drippy in the nose area.  no one bothered to mention to me until 2:30 in the afternoon, after 3 meetings with parents, that i had snot marks in 4 separate areas across my shirt and vest.


this is my life. and people wonder why none of us at the preschool ever look very nice...

through it all, i love my job... wouldn't pick another one if i could!  i'll take it, snot, shaving cream, glue and everything in between.

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