Thursday, September 6, 2012

{blog for compassion}

recently, i signed up to be a compassion blogger... very simply put, i want to use my blog for things bigger than myself, and compassion is so much bigger!

every month, they give a challenge to blog about.  this month's is to get people to sponsor 3,108 children.  very simply, there are so many kids who need the basics- food, clothing, an education.  i look at my little preschoolers who come in so excited for school and it gives me such an image of what my little girl, esther, in uganda looks like.  even at 9, 12, 18, these kids are excited for school because in their countries, school isn't a chore, it's a privilege!

so why get involved with compassion?  #1. you get to help a child, and it's not just like you send money, but you get to have a relationship.  you get to write letters, send pictures, and even have opportunities to visit you child.  these kids are amazing- so many of them have been through some awful times, yet they are filled with joy and hope!  when i see a tan envelope in my mailbox, it is usually opened right there because i know what's inside- a letter from esther filled with stories about her friends, family, and how God is blessing her.
#2. you make a direct impact on poverty.  one of my favorite mother teresa quotes is "if you can't feed 100 people, just feed one".  with compassion, you get to do that.  one by one, a child gets to be freed from poverty, and given a chance- a chance to become a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer- a chance to better themselves and better their country, ending the cycle of poverty.
#3. you get to meet some pretty great people.  i've been blessed to work events for compassion, and the people who work for compassion are amazing.  i've never been involved with such a large organization that creates a network of kind, caring, fun individuals.  at every event, they are so excited to tell people about compassion, to catch up on lives of volunteers, and to just be joyful, Christ-serving individuals.

if you're remotely interested, or just want to look at precious children, go look here.  4 years ago, i prayed for a little girl in africa, and God gave me a sweet, precious child that has impacted my life forever... i hope and pray each of you get to experience an impact like her too!

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