Wednesday, May 16, 2012


this past weekend, one of my best friends and former roommate got married :)  erica is super crafty, and the wedding exemplified that!  it was so cute, and the joy was so apparent between her and her new hubby, john.

i'm so thankful for my 4 best friends i met at uk.  we met as freshman at csf, and from there, we just couldn't stay away from each other!  we eventually moved into a house on waller avenue, took a 2 year hiatus while katie and i lived with a fabulous family, then moved back in for another 2 years until erica left me for john ;)

freshman year after we all decided to live together

the wedding was perfect... erica (who is not a morning person) was for some reason super excited to get up and was wide awake at 6 am (no clue why she was excited...). it was off to the church to get ready!

now on to the super crafty things my roommate made for her own wedding.  it was adorable and awesome and i keep trying to convince her to make these to sell on etsy.  the girl would have a great business!
cake topper on a homemade cake.  is this not the cutest cake topper you've ever seen?

she made all the flowers. her's had a broach from a great grandmother and a hankie that all the women who have married have carried.

our flowers

ring bearer and flower girl items.  i'm in love with the pillow!

she sewed the wedding date into the dress. and she wore toms.  

all dressed up at the reception!

all smiles.... a beautiful wedding of 2 beautiful people :)

ewwwww!  well... ok... you ARE married

awwww surrounded by cupcakes!
it was a beautiful day and i'm so excited to have these 2 in my life forever :)  congratulations on your marriage!  love you both

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