Saturday, April 14, 2012

{mama's birthday!}

mama crook's birthday is today :)

i've been so blessed with a wonderful mom... i can honestly say that i wouldn't be where i am today without my fabulous parents.  both have taught me (patiently i may add) through the years, focusing on my strengths, but encouraging me to improve my failures.

i'm thankful today for a mom who was fun- from the time we were wee ones, she made sure we were going places and doing things.  we had 1 hour of tv a day, and honestly, it never bothered me.  i'm thankful for lessons in gardening, adventures to the grocery store (and i'm sure with 3 little kids, this was no small feat!), trips to COSI, zoo trips, trips to parks, allowing me to destroy the basement as i painted like bob ross (i was awesome at happy little trees and drying my paint brush like him), and just letting us be kids.  i think i learned a lot from my mom, and she's probably one of the main reasons i'm getting my degree in speech and using it to play with kids all day! (i'm going to help them too, but let's be honest... playing and learning can be the same thing!)

happy birthday mama :)  thanks for being a great mom!

p.s. your card got put in the mail today... sorry for being a slacker daughter...

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