Monday, April 30, 2012


my life is changing so much over these next few weeks, and i realized today, although a lot of it is stressful and full of unknown, i don't want to rush through and not take the time to enjoy each day.

i graduate on saturday.  it hasn't really hit me yet.  i've put in 7 years of hard work... this is the end of my college career.  there will be no more classes, no more homework, no more assignments (i have 1 summer class that i refuse to count (it's an elective), so technically, i have a few more, but in my book, i'm done).
i'm so thankful for where God has put me over the past 7 years.  He brought me to uk where i found my best friends, my church home, my love for uk basketball, my home.... i met 3 girls who changed my life forever, and for them, i am eternally grateful and i love them dearly.

 He brought me to eku where i found a family.  i really can't imagine finishing undergrad or going to grad school anywhere else.   we went through a lot... grad school in general is a lot, but those girls that i go to school with taught me more than just education... we were a family, and we look out for each other.  i'm so proud of the work we've accomplished and the attitude we've accomplished it with.  rarely can you put 20 women in a room and expect them to get along, and i feel like i can honestly say that we got along really well.  we actually are friends, not just classmates; that's hard to find.

a week after graduation, my roommate and one of those 3 girls (erica) is getting married!  i'm so excited for her... she and john are perfect for each other, and i cannot wait to be a part of her wedding.  she is going to be one gorgeous bride.  i'm still trying to convince her to not move to northern ky and stay in lexington forever.  i miss us all being roommates!

add in there job applications, hopeful interviews, moving in july, hopefully finding a job... it's all a little daunting.  still, this is such a unique time in my life full of changes.  i want to try and take it day by day and enjoy the little things... i'm sure that won't always be easy, this is stressful, but God promises to guide us and take care of us because He loves us.  He has a future for me, and i want to enjoy the journey.

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