Friday, April 20, 2012

{is graduation really 2 weeks away?}

it's hard to believe that my education is really almost over!  in 2 weeks, i will be walking across a stage (or dancing... not sure which yet...) and saying sayonara to school forever.  i'm kind of excited.  excited to the point my roommate and i (who is also graduating in 2 weeks!) tried on our graduation dresses and gowns and walked around the house dressed as such for about 20 minutes.

i'm so thankful for how school has gone.  i'm thankful for my classmates, many of whom i really don't think i could have gotten through school without.  i'm thankful we like each other and are legit friends and not uber competitive with or anything dumb like that.  i'm thankful we have fun and have laughed and cried and been there for each other- you don't always find that, especially when it's a room full of women.  i'm thankful for my professors and their teaching and not taking our whining to heart.

i'm thankful for my friends who have been with me and encouraged me and prayed for me during this time.  grad school hasn't been easy, and sometimes i got cranky, and they were always there to make me laugh and see that one day, it would be over.

i'm thankful for that boy of mine who has put up with me through grad school!  both being students and doing grad school and trying to work and find time to hang out hasn't been easy, but he's pretty much the best and we've made it work.  i'm thankful for the times he's just let me cry and whine about how i want to quit (it seemed like a good option some times) and tell me i can't do that.

i'm thankful for my ma and pa who always helped me out and supported me and gave me a nice place to come home and relax on breaks (and i'm looking forward to even more time at home since we're on a lake and get to take out the boat and all sorts of fun things!)

finally, i'm thankful God has allowed me to see what i want to do with the rest of my life.  i'm thankful he's given me a heart for kids and a love of speech therapy.  i'm thankful he's given me talents that i'm excited to use and legit am excited to work.  i just need patience and trust that He'll bring the right job along to work in.

2 weeks.  1 big test.  a few projects. then i'm done.  for real done (if you don't count that one pesky summer class.... ;) )

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  1. Ahhh! You're so close! You're going to do it. Can you believe it? Good job. :)


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